What is Worship?

What is worship?  Why do we come to church? Pastor Susan posed these questions while I was visiting last month.  Yesterday I attended a clergy gathering here in Iowa.  One of the ministers shared about the Wednesday evening meal that is served at her church in Council Bluffs.  A few members of her congregation started the meal program a few years ago as a way to serve the homeless.  Most of the people who come, however, are not homeless.  Many of those that come for the meals are from group homes in the area, people with special needs.  People who are not welcome in most public places because they are different; this dinner offers them an opportunity for a night out. Others have jobs, but are struggling in the current economy.  Still others come just to have a place to be, to be with others so they aren’t alone.  The numbers have grown so that now there are usually over 100 people who come for dinner each Wednesday evening.  The atmosphere seems like that of a coffee shop where friends gather to share the events of the week.  People come early just to get a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade and visit with friends.  Often the coffee is gone before the dinner begins.  There is usually a big mess to clean up after people leave since many of the diners have poor motor skills.  There is a joy, however,  that seems to permeate the fellowship hall which lingers long after dinner.  A member of the congregation thought they should start a regular worship service after dinner.  Pastor Jann, however, thinks there is more worship on Wednesday evening with coffee and dinner than what happens on Sunday morning.  So I thought of Susan’s question again.  What is worship?

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  1. By Shirley Lin KinoshitA, August 28, 2010 @ 6:10 pm

    For me worship is showing up in a shared community of believers to focus and thank God for blessings and hearing and sharing petitions to this Highest Power.

    Usually I think of it as going to church worship, but those who eat and serve in soup kitchens, particularly in churches, are also a form of worship. Hopefully, all who partak are thankful for this blessed meal and time together.

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