A wintry day at Forest Hill. . .

A few thoughts on a wintry cold day. . .
Vangie and I have been truly blessed this week with the delightful antics of our family of squirrels. Each day they come for their peanuts and they scurry around and make us laugh.  They put on quite a show with their acrobatics and their cheerful scoldng when we’re a bit late with their peanuts.  But this week we were surprised, and blessed, by a most unusual sight.  Our silly squirrels have discovered the humming bird feeder in the ginkgo tree just outside our windows and its cache of sweet nectar.  Imagine our surprise when they turned upside down from a branch to reach down and drink the honey flavored food that’s been set out for our little humming birds friends.

These silly squirrels have got me thinking.  How many other amazing, delightful and precious moments occur, each and every day, that I miss?  What joy and blessing do I fail to receive because I am just too busy or too distracted or simply not paying attention?  Jesus encourages his disciples repeatedly to “Stay Awake! Pay Attention!”  And yet, I catch myself sleepwalking through so many moments and I know I miss the very delights that God places before me.

Lent is coming soon, our holy season of spring cleaning of the soul. I pray that we will       each use this season to truly wake up to the Presence of God in our lives and in this amazingly beautiful and varied world in which we live. Let’s not let the precious moments of life pass us by unaware.  God yearns to bless us with life rich and full and abundant.  Our invitation is to reach out with open hearts to receive it and then to pass it along to others.

A prayer that sings itself in my heart every morning as I begin my day:
God be in my head and in my thinking.
God be in my eyes and in my looking.
God be in my ears and in my listening.
God be in my mouth and in my speaking.
God be in my hands and in my embracing.
God be in my feet and in my walking.
God be in my heart and in my understanding.
God be in my life and in my loving.
God be in every thing, every thing, every thing.
God be in every thing and in my departing.

Thanks be to God, for silly squirrels and for companions like you to accompany me along this wonderful adventure that is our life in God.  God truly is in every thing, and for me, most especially in this wonderful community of faith.  Blessings, Susan

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