Wherever you may be on your spiritual journey you are welcome in this place.

Forest Hill Christian Church is an open and affirming congregation, sharing God’s love and the Good News of Jesus Christ with all people. We value human diversity by welcoming persons of every age, national origin, economic status, religious and educational background, race, gender, sexual orientation, family configuration, difference in ability or other distinction.

Our Sunday mornings begin at 9:30 in the Meeting Room with wonderful and enlivening conversation about progressive Christianity and our faith journeys.  Worship begins at 11:00 and the celebration always continues afterwards with refreshments, including a great cup of fairly traded coffee, and more fellowship and every first Sunday a potluck lunch. Children join us for the beginning of worship and then gather for Children’s Church in our Education Building.

Let’s celebrate the church of Jesus Christ
where the wonderful wildness of God
breaks through common clay pots
and fills us with a Holy Spirit that overflows
and we see rainbows,
many-splendored colors,
light in pitch darkness—
and every day is a festival of faith!

Ann Weems