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Keeping in Touch in These Challenging times

Daily Greetings to Beloved Community Saturday 30 May A rainy Saturday with the poss ibility of thunder showers — that was the forecast last night and I got rather excited.  I’m kind of fond of thunder and lightning even though I’m a native Californian and haven’t got to experience them too much.  I remember summers […]

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Keeping in Touch during these Challenging Times

Saturday 16 May 2020 Dear Church, Bruce and I just returned from our bi-weekly trip to Trader Joes.  How strange it is, even after all these weeks, to stand in line 6 feet apart, wearing masks, waiting to enter the store.  Stranger still is trying to remember not to get too close to others — […]

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The church is. . .

The church is a sink. for the broken, for the broken-hearted for people who have no other place, and no one else to talk to or be spoken to for those that don’t get to hold hands or hug or kiss anyone at other places for the sick, the terminal, the mentally-terminal to discover healing […]

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A wintry day at Forest Hill. . .

A few thoughts on a wintry cold day. . . Vangie and I have been truly blessed this week with the delightful antics of our family of squirrels. Each day they come for their peanuts and they scurry around and make us laugh.  They put on quite a show with their acrobatics and their cheerful […]

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Salt & Light Log

“You are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world.”  ~Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. This last Sunday, at the suggestion of David Lose at Working, I encouraged our congregation to start a Salt & Light Log – keeping track of all the wonderful and amazing ways […]

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year.  It is.  And it isn’t, not for many who are alone, those living in poverty, prisoners.  The children who see the expensive toys on TV, but know they are not going to receive anything.  It has always seemed odd to me that we celebrate the birth […]

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What is Worship?

What is worship?  Why do we come to church? Pastor Susan posed these questions while I was visiting last month.  Yesterday I attended a clergy gathering here in Iowa.  One of the ministers shared about the Wednesday evening meal that is served at her church in Council Bluffs.  A few members of her congregation started […]

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